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Candy Corn Whitetail Feed Topper™

Candy Corn Whitetail Feed Topper™

It has been a LONG process to sculpt the perfect feed topper, but it has finally met our standards to carry the Gold Digger Wild Game Attractant™ name.  We call it a feed topper, but it goes alot further than that.  Not only is it perfect for corn, pellets, beans, or grain but also works great standing alone.  You can use by dusting stumps, limbs, logs, or directly on the ground to allow the sweet taste and our powerful aroma do the work.   By being a fine powder it clings to everything it comes into contact with as the breeze catches it.  Comes in a 10oz sealed bottle with a shaker/pour style lid,  One bottle will treat up to 200 pounds of the feed you desire.

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